Design Integration Initiative

The first program of its kind, this we analyse your organisation and highlights areas where design could boost outputs, reduce costs – even gain more funding!



Throughout the three years Patton’d Studios has operated, we have increasingly observed areas where design could positively influence research. This includes:

  • Reducing costs
  • Shortening timelines
  • Reducing prototype iterations
  • Increasing outreach

Despite this, designers are still not a regular occurrence in science – particularly at the fundamental research stages, the main reasons for which are: a lack of designated funds for design services and also that the value of design has not been previously measured.

In 2019 we conducted our own research to see if we could measure a baseline measure for the perceived value of design in science, business and government sectors.

All of our findings were published in our free and open access Design Integration Assessment Report to see if we can better integrate design into fundamental research,  improve translation timelines and ultimately ensure design is more accessible to those in science, technology and innovation.

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